It's all about passion. We have grown to be the global leader for collector car and boat insurance, but we're still just a family business built on a love for the hobby. Our passion drives us to keep improving our product and to give our clients the best service imaginable.

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People trust us with their most prized possessions because we get it. It's all about memories and dreams: The '69 Camaro you wanted since you were a kid. The Chris Craft boat you inherited from your granddad. Even that vintage Triumph motorcycle you used to impress your future wife. We protect the physical connections to the best moments in your life.

Quick Facts: We stay busy

We’re bigger than all of our specialty competitors (combined). Not to mention, Our value experts attend every major auction in the U.S. and abroad.

  • $30 billion We protect over 1,000,000 vehicles, 12,000 boats, and 30,000 motorcycles worth a total of $30 billion.
  • 80,000 We talk to 80,000 clients and agents each month on average.
  • 2,000 — We attend over 2,000 classic car events each year.
  • 1,800 — “Ask Hagerty” answers over 1,800 car-related questions each year.
  • 150 — 150 media outlets, including Forbes, the New York Times, CNBC, Fox Business and CNN look to Hagerty for market commentary.
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Developing Skills

Over the past year, Hagerty employees participated in the restoration of a 1967 Sunbeam Tiger. This past year, over 107 employees put in a total of 1,216 hours toward the complete restoration, and work has already begun on another employee restoration for a 1960 Plymouth Fury. These hands-on projects, totally unique to Hagerty, provide our employees with valuable restoration skills, enhancing their appreciation for the vehicles we protect.

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Giving Back
  • We donate 10% of our net revenue to programs and organizations devoted to preserving the hobby.
  • Our employees get 16 hours of paid community service each year.
  • We’ve been recognized at both state and national levels for our employee volunteer efforts.