Value Over Price: A Successful Agent Selling Strategy

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One of the biggest misconceptions among buyers is that the right auto insurance coverage is always the least expensive.

Price is one factor, sure. In fact, you may be hearing more from price-conscious clients as economic pressures like inflation and a slowing supply chain continue impacting the industry.

But you know as well as we do... The best policy for your customer isn’t always the cheapest. And that’s especially true for collector and enthusiast vehicles.

Collector car insurance policies through Hagerty are sometimes seen as a premium option. And there’s good reason. Our products and rates are designed to deliver the most value to the customer. And when it comes to most collector car owners, many of whom spend over $10,000 annually on their passion, proper protection and good value are worth the extra green.

So when you run into a price versus value situation with a customer, consider the ways a Hagerty policy represents the best total value for your client.

Specialty coverage creates value

Value-based selling is a consultative approach that unpacks the full value of a product or service over a single feature (such as price). And much like a great classic, the true value of a Hagerty policy starts with the details under the hood.

Your customers may need a reminder that protection through Hagerty includes specialty features the lower-price providers simply can’t or won’t offer. Things like:

  • Hagerty Valuation Tools®: Our database of collector car values removes the guesswork and ensures your client is protected for the right amount. In almost all cases, no appraisals or photos are required.
  • Guaranteed Value®: Hagerty and your client agree on a vehicle value up front. In the event of a covered total loss, your client is paid that value, less any deductible. Guaranteed.*
  • Flexible Usage: Hagerty is on a mission to save driving and car culture for future generations. Your client’s policy encourages them to get out there and drive for the sheer fun of it.
  • A Specialized Claims Team: Our in-house claims team is trained in collector vehicle repair. We’re obsessed with high standards and we’ll care for your client’s vehicle as if it were our own. Clients can visit their repair shop of choice and we’ll even pay them to do the work themselves.
  • Restoration Coverage: Hagerty offers specialized coverage to protect vehicles during all stages of construction – whether you have a customer restoring, building, or modifying their vehicle.
  • Wide-Ranging Protection: Coverage through Hagerty is available on collector vehicles ranging in value from as low as $3,500 to high-value single vehicles and multi-million-dollar collections.

Available add-ons like Cherished Salvage® and Traveling Collector coverage provide additional peace of mind for interested clients. An optional Hagerty Drivers Club® membership and our must-see web articles and videos help clients connect with other car lovers both online and at in-person events across the country.

There’s real value in protecting the vehicles people love most. The garage door is the biggest entry to the house – providing exceptional coverage on what they love most creates opportunities for you to provide additional coverages.

Writing with Hagerty: A value for agents

Just how big a market is out there? A multi-year study by the Hagerty automotive intelligence team determined there are 43 million collector vehicles in the U.S. alone. That represents a massive opportunity for those willing to seek it out.

And when you do, you’ll find our ease of business is just as good as our coverages. Just ask other agents and their clients:

  • 98% of agents are confident Hagerty is the right decision for their clients+
  • Our policy retention rate is 90%** and customer Net Promoter Score is 85***
  • 9/10 agents trust Hagerty to help them achieve their business goals+
  • Over 60% of Hagerty policies are issued online with no manual underwriting review

There are no production requirements or appraisals (in most situations). And with fast-track quote-to-bind, most quotes take fewer than 10 minutes to complete. Plus we offer a path to deeper customer relationships through Hagerty Drivers Club, the ultimate community for car lovers.

So as you can see, working with Hagerty represents real value for you, too.

Grow your book of high-value clients

Collector car insurance policies through Hagerty are created specifically for car lovers. If our rates are a little higher than other providers, now you know why.

When clients or customers are focused solely on price, we hope you’re armed with the knowledge to share exactly why a Hagerty policy still represents the best value. For what may be a small premium, coverage with Hagerty allows your clients to do more of what they love most: driving and enjoying their favorite cars with peace of mind.

You can always get more information by checking out the Hagerty Agent Business Center. Take a spin through our products and access our latest marketing materials. You can also call us at 800-747-5348 or live chat at to talk about additional coverages for your client's vehicle. We offer dedicated support 7 days a week.

As your expert partner in all things automotive, Hagerty is here to help.

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*Less any deductible and/or salvage value, if retained by client. Guaranteed Value includes all taxes and fees unless prohibited by state law. In the event of a covered total loss, Guaranteed Value coverage ensures your client receives every cent of their car’s insured value, less any deductibles and/or salvage value if retained (BC, MB & SK: and after settlement with government policy). AB & QC: Agreed value applies under the Guaranteed Value Plus Endorsement. **Figure based on internal data from August 2020-July 2021. ***Source: Q4 2021 Hagerty Member Relationship Survey. + Source: 2021 Hagerty Agent Brand Tracking Survey.