High-Net-Worth Enthusiasts Deserve the Private Client Experience

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Discretion, attention to detail, and a partner that cares about cars as much as they do. High-net-worth enthusiasts will find all this and more with Hagerty Private Client. If you’re unsure what our unique program offers, this primer shares everything you need to know.

What is Hagerty Private Client?

High-value car collections deserve exceptional service and expertise.

That’s exactly why we designed Hagerty Private Client. Our program delivers a best-in-class suite of white-glove services — from insurance and vehicle storage to exclusive automotive experiences — that caters to car lovers with high-value collections.

At Hagerty, “high value” means a total insured value (TIV) of $500,000 or more. Whether that’s one car or a fleet, Hagerty Private Client offers custom, boutique-like benefits in what many describe as a department-store industry.

For instance:

  • Concierge Services: One Private Client member was recently in the market for a significant eight-figure vehicle. Our robust relationship network was able to confidentially identify another member to discuss a potential sale. This led to two very happy individuals.
  • Valuation Assistance: Another member needed help understanding whether their collection was in line with current market values. Our valuation team analyzed each vehicle and shared data-backed value recommendations.
  • International Risk Mitigation: Members traveling overseas count on physical damage and theft protection while away from home. We also provide “general average” coverage during overseas shipping plus any coverage required by the destination country or by client activities while visiting.

Our Private Client program handles the challenges of protecting a collection so your clients can simply enjoy their vehicles worry-free. And as the broker-of-record, you’ll enjoy the same peace of mind knowing your client’s every need will be addressed with speed and grace.

Your Hagerty Private Client “Client”

Hagerty data shows nearly 9 million high-net-worth individuals based in the United States may qualify for the Private Client program.**

Where can you find them? Where else but car shows.

Sixty percent of private clients tell us they’re “extremely engaged” in car culture (vs. 29 percent of all owners) and they’re twice as likely to travel to car events like concours, auctions, swap meets, and informal local enthusiast gatherings often called “cars & coffees.”+ Grab a few prospecting tips here.

Keep in mind your ideal prospect doesn’t just own valuable cars. These enthusiasts love everything about the automotive lifestyle. As car-lovers, they’re much more likely to have and enjoy Hagerty Drivers Club® community benefits (78 percent) as compared to other members (57 percent).*

Overall, Hagerty Private Client prospects are more likely to be older, married, and retired than your average customer. They spend $110,000 annually on their automotive hobby and 25 percent say they view their cars as an investment.+

A cash infusion that size? That usually means potential commercial insurance opportunities and additional assets you might protect, like second homes, boats, and RVs.

It’s a no-brainer to call these enthusiasts desirable:

  • They’re more likely to work with agents (62 percent vs. 53 percent rest of book),* which is good for all of us.
  • They offer a strong historical loss ratio (under 30 percent),* which keeps costs down, profits up, and allows Hagerty to continue fueling car culture for future generations.
  • They deliver higher customer satisfaction scores (NPS 85 vs. 82) and higher policy retention (95 percent vs. 89 percent) as compared with non-Private Client members.*

Aside from delivering high premiums, these individuals and their families just make excellent customers.

Why drive private clients to Hagerty?

Enthusiasts covered under Hagerty Private Client enjoy exceptional care and treatment simply unmatched by competing programs:

  • Portfolio Management: Our comprehensive account management approach means Hagerty underwriting experts can assist with a variety of your client’s insurance and hobbyist needs.^ That includes everything from market/valuation insights, title bonds, international shipping/transport, car club liability, watercraft, and more.
  • Competitive Rate Analysis: Knowing no two collectors or collections are identical, each Private Client policy is regularly reviewed to ensure premium rates match the complexities of the individual risk for a truly bespoke offering.
  • Flexible Payment Options: Hagerty makes it easy for your clients to enroll in auto-draft plans (credit card or ACH) that best fit their financial needs. Monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual deductions are available with a direct-bill option for clients paying in full.
  • Environmental Exposure Assessments: Sophisticated predictive modeling of catastrophic natural events (flood, wildfire, coastal storms, etc.) allows your clients to know their coverage is tailor-made for a confident long-term storage strategy. When a collection value exceeds $3 million, professional facility inspections are initiated to identify other potential risk exposures.^
  • Guaranteed Value® Coverage: Your client’s collection is protected for its true worth, with no appraisals required.*** And with Cherished Salvage®, your client can still keep any car after a covered loss, and still receive its full value.^^

Your qualifying clients have a full team of car people at hand to help manage their collection, handle policy reviews, and answer just about any question they might ask.

Hagerty account specialists and relationship managers openly collaborate with our agents to ensure even the most unusual requests of our Private Client business are considered, including personal connections and onsite staff at the world’s largest auctions and events.

Get to know more Hagerty Private Client benefits here.

Contact us to learn more about Hagerty Private Client

When you bind a customer with Hagerty Private Client, you’re not just protecting their prized collection. You’re bringing them into a rich automotive ecosystem that empowers their passion and connects them to products, services, and automotive experiences they can’t get anywhere else.

Call us at 888-460-6040 or email privateclient@hagerty.com to learn more. We provide dedicated support Monday-Friday. You can find more information on Hagerty Private Client by visiting Hagerty Agent Resources and your Hagerty Agent Business Center.

*Source: Tableau Client Experience Inforce Comparison Report 2021, As of 8.10.2021.

**Source: Hagerty TAM data as of 8.23.2021.

***Less any deductible and/or salvage value, if retained by client. Guaranteed Value includes all taxes and fees unless prohibited by state law. Coverage may not be available in all countries or in all situations.

+Source:2017 Hobby Survey.

^Coverage may not be available in all countries or in all situations. $50K “general average” coverage limit; additional coverage can be purchased separately.

^^Cost of 15% of the vehicle’s comprehensive and collision premiums (if applicable) and is subject to change. Title branding is subject to state laws and regulations.

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