Introducing Hagerty Marketplace

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Your clients have a new destination for buying and selling the collector cars they love. It’s called Hagerty Marketplace, and it’s giving enthusiasts everything they want from an online sales experience. What makes Hagerty Marketplace different than other online sellers? Here’s everything you need to know…

Community driven. Hagerty powered.

For starters, every vehicle listing on Hagerty Marketplace is for sale by a Hagerty Drivers Club® member.

Car lovers enjoy being part of the automotive community and they’ll appreciate the camaraderie that comes along with buying and selling on an enthusiast-to-enthusiast platform — especially one built by Hagerty, one of the world’s foremost automotive enthusiast brands.

Agents have a stake here, too. Sharing Marketplace both underscores your value as a trusted insurance advisor and potentially helps your agency retain the business when your client makes a sale. (Just make sure to ask for a referral.)

And consider this: more than 730,000 Drivers Club members are active in North America. Marketplace receives regular engagement with these enthusiasts along with millions of car lovers visiting us online. As our member universe grows, Marketplace will continue driving traffic and interest to the broader insurance ecosystem.

Once a car is purchased, it needs insurance, right? That’s where you come in. Every interaction is a marketing touchpoint for you and your agency.

A reimagined classified experience

Hagerty Marketplace offers a completely new platform for showcasing classified listings. Our reimagined user interface provides benefits for both buyers and sellers of collector vehicles.

  • Buyers can count on a secure and stress-free platform for making vehicle purchases, with no fees regardless of price.
  • Sellers receive access to millions of potential buyers who love collector vehicles. There are no specific requirements for make, model, or price of cars for sale. A Drivers Club membership ($70 annually) is required to list a vehicle for sale, and comes with tons of other benefits enthusiasts won’t find anywhere else.

Marketplace is loaded with vehicles for sale in almost every style and price. Whether a client is looking for a six-figure supercar, a rare and unique import, or an “entry-level” classic, they’ll quickly discover there’s something for every kind of enthusiast.

Unlimited Marketplace classified listings

Selling enthusiast vehicles on Hagerty Marketplace is the newest members-only benefit of Hagerty Drivers Club®. Clients who are (or choose to become) members receive unlimited listings at no additional cost.

But that’s not all. Drivers Club members also get plenty of additional perks, including:

  • Exclusive automotive offers: Insider pricing on parts and tools, automotive apparel, and more
  • Ask Hagerty access: Answers to automotive questions from our in-house team of experts
  • Hagerty Valuation Tools®: Unlimited vehicle value lookups with 15+ years of pricing history and data
  • Hagerty Drivers Club magazine: Six issues of the award-winning, exclusive magazine, plus original online content
  • Events and experiences: Early access, member pricing, and VIP perks at in-person and digital events
  • Emergency services: 24/7 emergency roadside service, flatbed towing, and premium support

Need a little more incentive to recommend Hagerty Drivers Club? Clients with membership are happier; satisfaction scores are consistently higher among insurance clients with a Drivers Club membership versus those without.*

Between Hagerty Marketplace and Hagerty DriveShare™ car rentals, enthusiasts can find the vehicle they want, the way they want it – all in one place.

Share the love, increase client loyalty

Hagerty Drivers Club represents the ultimate enthusiast experience for your clients – with exclusive access to automotive offers, expert support, VIP experiences, original content, and emergency services. Unlimited Hagerty Marketplace listings make a great package even better.

This new benefit is yet another example of Hagerty supporting its mission: to save driving and preserve car culture for future generations. If your client has a fun-to-drive vehicle to pass along, Hagerty Marketplace is the perfect place to make it happen.

We hope you’ll introduce your clients to Hagerty Marketplace and all the fun they can have buying and selling collector cars.

One last detail: Hagerty Marketplace is currently only available in the United States. Collector vehicles located outside of the U.S. can’t yet be listed on Marketplace and all buyers must reside within the U.S. Some special circumstances may apply.

Contact us at or call 888-501-8815 for additional information. You can also find additional support and marketing resources online at

*Net promoter score as of June 2021.

DriveShare is currently not available for vehicles registered in NY. Renters must meet minimum driver requirements. For FAQ, user policies, and terms and conditions, visit

Membership by Hagerty Drivers Club (HDC), a non-insurance subsidiary of The Hagerty Group, LLC. Roadside services provided by/thru Cross Country Motor Club except in AK, CA, HI, OR, WI & WY where services are provided by Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc. For additional information and a complete description of benefits, visit Purchase of insurance not required for membership in HDC.

Classified listings are one of many benefits provided to members of Hagerty Drivers Club (HDC), a non-insurance subsidiary of The Hagerty Group, LLC. Hagerty is not a vehicle broker or dealer and does not take a commission on any vehicle sale or purchase transaction which is facilitated directly between buyers and sellers on the Marketplace classifieds platform. Visit for listing terms.

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