An Agent’s Guide to Hagerty Claims

The Hagerty claims team helping a member

“You find out the real value of your friends and those who you do business with when things go badly.” Bob I., Hagerty client

The quote above illustrates exactly why a buttery-smooth claims process should be top-of-mind for auto insurance agents. Think about it… Other than price (more on that here), what’s most likely to convince your customers to make an insurance switch?

If you guessed a bad claims experience, you’re absolutely right.

And this rings even more true among collector car owners. After all, these vehicles aren’t just daily grocery-getters. In most cases, your enthusiast clients treat their classic and collector cars like members of the family.

And like family, collector vehicles are filled with years of love, work, memories, and stories. So whether it’s a cracked windshield, a crumpled bumper, or something worse, your clients will expect their claim to be addressed quickly and resolved with expertise by people who understand what they’re going through.

This is where Hagerty shines. Our Hagerty claims team carried an industry-leading 78 NPS score in 2021.* NPS (Net Promoter Score) is the gold standard of customer experience metrics and represents a whole lot of satisfied clients.

Let’s pop the hood to show how Hagerty delivers exceptional claims experiences, and why agents should feel confident when recommending and writing with our team.

Hagerty claims are handled by collector car repair experts

Ever try matching the exact paint color of an '86 Corvette? How about finding a side-view mirror for a '64 Porsche?

These aren’t easy asks you can trust to just any body shop. And yet, these are the exact repair requests the Hagerty in-house claims team handles every day.

Hagerty knows aftermarket parts can impact a vehicle’s value and collectability, and our claims team is savvy enough to find the best part available for any given scenario. And when we hit a speed bump, we’ll leverage the Hagerty CARcierge service for help.

Comprised of over 100 employees, our claims team is obsessed with great service and doing everything we can to help your client get back on the road the right way.

Hagerty offers flexible repair options

Our claims team members are not only claims experts but are also well-trained in price estimation and negotiation. These subtle arts help keep repair costs limited to only what’s needed for the claim, and for the car to repaired correctly.

We’ve also built relationships with a network of 300+ trusted repair and restoration shops across the United States to serve clients in need. As part of the Hagerty Expert Repair Network, these shops are chosen specifically for their quality of work and customer service.**

In many cases they’re referred by clients or employees specifically because they support the collector car hobby and have a great service reputation in their area.

Of course, your clients don’t have to select one of these shops. They’re free to use any repair shop they choose. And, if your client would rather repair a vehicle themselves? We’re all for it. We’ll even pay them a fair hourly rate for their time.

Have a client with a vehicle too dear to part with? There’s even an option to buy back salvage in case of a total loss. Our Cherished Salvage® endorsement lets your client keep their vehicle and still receive its full Guaranteed Value

Clients receive personalized communication and reimbursement

Repair options aren’t the only claims service we customize for your clients.

“I made one call to Hagerty, my body shop sent in pictures and a quote, and then you folks called to tell me a check was on its way!”

J. Drewelow, Hagerty client

Whether your client wants an appraiser to assess their vehicle’s damage, or they’d rather process a claim via photo estimating, we’ve got them covered.

Your client can choose exactly how we stay in touch. If they prefer email, phone calls, or written communication, we’ll follow their lead. And when they call us, they get us. At Hagerty, we take pride in contacting clients the same day a claim is reported.

Your clients can even choose how they’re reimbursed. Paper checks are always available, or we can transfer funds electronically via Automated Clearing House, PayPal, Venmo, or using a debit card (some restrictions apply).

This type of flexibility is why you can always count on the Hagerty claims team to take care of your client, ensuring you look good, and drive retention.

Hagerty gives clients their own personal pit crew

In 2021 alone Hagerty put more than 21,000 vehicles back on the road. What’s more, 9 out of 10 clients who have had a claim would recommend us to a friend.+

It’s easy to make promises when trying to make a sale. It’s hard to deliver on those promises when misfortune strikes. When you write with Hagerty, you can trust our claims team to deliver on the promises we’ve made as partners. Just ask our clients.

“When people have an investment in an automobile, there is a lot of money, time, and preciousness involved (especially if they built it). It often means a lot to them to have an insurance agency that will stand by their side and make sure that they’re covered – without grief and without agony. That’s why I highly recommend Hagerty to anybody who has a collectible automobile.”

Jimmy G., Hagerty client

If they’re not satisfied, you’ll probably hear about it. And by contrast, when you do right by your clients, they'll tell everyone they know about their great experience.

As your expert partner in all things automotive, Hagerty is here to help. Visit the Hagerty Agent Business Center to log in or learn more about claims with Hagerty. You can also call us at 800-747-5348 or live chat at

* NPS score as of 2021.

** Should your client have a claim, our in-house adjusters are skilled in understanding the intricacies of classic car repair. They have connections that help them quickly track down stock original replacement parts, if they’re available. And your client can choose your own trusted repair shop – or we’ll pay he or she to do the work.

^ Cherished Salvage & Guaranteed Value are registered trademarks of The Hagerty Group LLC, ©2024 The Hagerty Group, LLC. All Rights Reserved. The Hagerty Group, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hagerty, Inc. Cherished Salvage Cost of 15% of the vehicle’s comprehensive and collision premiums (if applicable) and is subject to change. Title branding is subject to state laws and regulations.

+ According to client responses gathered from the Hagerty Net Promoter Score program.