Our Partnership

We believe that there are about two million classic and antique vehicles countrywide insured on standard auto policies today. These individuals choose to insure their classics on a standard auto policy and they may not understand the trade-offs they are making in coverage. An owner’s connection with his or her classic vehicle is different than the daily driver - it’s special, and we understand that their vehicle deserves special treatment.

Nationwide has partnered with Hagerty to offer classic car owners a best-in-class policy and experience designed specifically for classic cars.
The best for you
  • Nationwide identified classic car owners as a significant growth opportunity with passionate and loyal customers
  • With the goal of offering the best product in the market, Nationwide established a partnership with Hagerty to offer a co-branded product written on Nationwide’s paper
What we provide
  • Hagerty will administer quote & bind, policy issuance, billing and claims administration through their website and call center in partnership with Nationwide
  • The co-branded product provides insurance for collector cars, antique motorcycles and tractors, automotive tools, spare parts, and “automobilia”