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Top five decline reasons

Below are the most common reasons cars are declined for coverage at Hagerty. Most of these decline reasons have simple, quick fixes that can get you back on the road to a quote in no time.

Yellow car driving down residential street.

Reason #1: Car was listed as a daily driver

You may have indicated that the client's car was a regular use vehicle. Hagerty provides coverage for secondary, just-for-fun vehicles only. We need to confirm that your client has a primary vehicle and primary auto insurance policy before we can offer coverage.

Hagerty tip: Make sure the vehicle is listed properly as a secondary vehicle when you try to quote. If your client doesn't own a primary vehicle, ask if they have a company vehicle. Company cars often qualify as primary vehicles.

Blue collector vehicle stored on street.

Reason #2: Storage does not qualify

We want to be sure cars are safely stored and therefore the following storage locations result in an automatic decline: temporary shelters, parking lots, street parking, public parking garages, and more. Note that the following states have restrictions against any outdoor parking: CA, HI, FL, CO and LA (within 50 miles of the coast).

Hagerty tip: Review with your client to see if they have other storage options. Keep in mind that by opting for Hagerty insurance, your client will be saving money that could go toward secure storage, giving them peace of mind and fitting our guidelines. Win-win.

Blue collector vehicle driving in mountain region on wet roads.

Reason #3: Estimated annual miles exceeds our guidelines

Hagerty encourages our members to enjoy their special cars, but we also require that cars are not driven an excessive amount per year. For 90s and newer vehicles, they're declined at 5,000 miles per year or more (because it increases the risk of use closer to a daily driver). For older vehicles, we typically allow a bit more.

Hagerty tip: It's common for drivers to overestimate how often they use their car. Even if your client drives 100 miles a week, that's still within our guidelines of 5,000 miles a year. Discuss usage with your client and try using our mileage calculator to accurately estimate their annual mileage.

Collector SUV parked on grass.

Reason #4: Driving record received a red flag

Two things we look at when quoting vehicles are claims history and the motor vehicle report (MVR) and we don't want to see too many points on your client's record. Major violations (e.g. reckless driving, DUI) will most likely result in an automatic decline.

Hagerty tip: We look back three years in the MVR. If your client has an accident or violation that will be more than three years old soon, they should reapply at that time.

Collector truck traveling on road with traffic in city.

Reason #5: Not enough vehicles for licensed drivers in household

In order to provide coverage for your client's secondary vehicle, there must be at least as many primary vehicles as licensed drivers living in the household.

Hagerty tip: Make sure your client only counts licensed drivers in their household. For example, if they have a teenager without their driver's license, they don't need to have a primary vehicle for that person until they become licensed.

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