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  • Hagerty’s program provides off-track coverage for vintage race cars, nostalgia dragsters, pro-street, vintage motorcycles, and modern, high-quality racing vehicles.


    Full Coverage

    For street legal race cars, Collision, Other Than Collision, and Liability are available, depending on state guidelines.

    Limited Collision

    For purpose-built race cars (non-street legal), Limited Collision coverage is available to protect the car while it is:

    • being loaded or unloaded from the trailer
    • in transport by trailer
    • on display in the paddock or show area
    • in the paddock or being driven to and from
    • in storage
    • at a service facility

    Note: Limited Collision is only available when combined with Other Than Collision.

    Comprehensive/Other Than Collision

    For race cars, we can offer comp-only insurance coverage for losses not resulting from an accident, such as theft, fire, or natural disasters.

    *Coverage does not apply when the vehicle is on the track racing.


    To qualify for our program, vintage race cars must meet the following:

    • Minimum value is $10,000
    • Modified vintage race cars are 1999 and older
    • Applicant and drivers must have 10 years driving experience
    • For vintage racers 1990 and newer: the vehicle age guidelines must be met, no more than two violations/claims per household, excellent condition and should not be financed or leased
  • Examples:

    • Vehicle 1
    • Vehicle 2
    • Vehicle 3
  • Nostalgia Dragsters

    To qualify for our program, nostalgia dragsters must meet the following:

    • 1999 and older
    • Minimum value is $10,000
    • Vehicle must be in very good or better condition
    • Applicant and drivers must have 10 years driving experience
    • No professional racing teams
    • Racing usage should generally not exceed 10 races per year
  • Examples:

    • Vehicle 4
    • Vehicle 5
  • Pro-street

    Pro-street cars are generally from the 1960s or ‘70s and have been modified primarily for straight-line speed. Common modifications include roll cages, tubbed rear wheel-wells to accommodate wide racing-type tires, five-point racing harnesses, lightened interiors with racing seats, wheelie casters, parachutes and power adding features to engine. Hagerty considers a vehicle to be pro-street when it is tubbed AND caged. To qualify for our program, pro-street cars must meet the following:

    • Vehicle must be street legal in order to provide full coverage
    • 1989 and older
    • Minimum value is $20,000
    • Vehicle must be in very good or better condition
    • Applicant and drivers must have 10 years driving experience
    • Named Driver Exclusions will be applied to any youthful household members (age 26 or less). If a Named Driver Exclusion is not available in your client’s state, we are unable to offer a policy.
    • Vehicles with more than 700hp will not be written with liability coverage

    Due to the unique risk these vehicles present, please contact our office with any questions

    Named Driver Exclusion is available in your selected state

    Named Driver Exclusion is not available in your selected state

  • Examples:

    • Vehicle 6
    • Vehicle 7
    • Vehicle 8
  • Vintage Raced Motorcycles

    • 1989 and older
    • Motorcycles can be stock or modified
    • No modern race bikes or professional race teams
    • Minimum age 26 – No youthful applicants (or operators)
    • Minimum value is $2,000. Collections of 3 or more motorcycles – minimum value is $1,000 per bike.
    • Motorcycles should be in good, restored condition.
    • Dirt track and motocross bikes are acceptable. NOTE: Keep in mind the minimum value and condition requirements here.
    • Motorcycle must be street legal in order to consider full coverage. Follow Vintage Motorcycle & Scooter guidelines as well if pursuing full coverage.
  • State coverage limitations include:

    • FL: Additional or extended PIP will not be offered
    • KS, NC & NY: Only comprehensive and limited trailer/paddock collision is available
    • TX: PIP, Uninsured Motorist BI and Uninsured Motorist PD must be rejected
    • VA: Only comprehensive and collision coverage is available
  • Get a quote for your client’s Motorsports vehicle.

All coverage not available in all states. This is only a general description of coverage. All coverage is subject to policy provisions, exclusions and endorsements.