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    Classic Marine Insurance

    Hagerty is the world’s leading provider of agreed value classic boat insurance. We’ll give your clients peace of mind that their boats are protected so they can enjoy the open water without worry.

    What We Insure

    Hagerty provides insurance for many different types of boats, ranging from wooden boats to classic fiberglass boats. So, how do you know if your client's boat qualifies for coverage through Hagerty?

    Fiberglass Boats

    Hagerty offers a program for high-quality “classic” fiberglass boats with a model year that is eight years old and older. The most collectible fiberglass boats are from the '50s and '60s.

    Wooden Boats

    Hagerty will insure nearly any type of wooden boat that is maintained and in good to excellent condition. High-quality manufactured reproductions of classic wooden boat designs are welcome and home-built or kit boats may be eligible with additional documentation.


    Typically range in size from 14’ to 26’ with an enclosed top deck and individual cockpits for seating. A minimum $2,500 hull value is required.


    Typically range in size from 12’ to 30’ and are characterized by a large open interior. A minimum $2,500 hull value is required.


    Typically range in length from 16’ to 30’, with a narrow, open configuration that can seat several passengers. Early versions were powered by steam, later by gas.


    Typically range from 26’ on up and include a head (bathroom), galley (kitchen) and can accommodate overnight stays. Cruisers made of fiberglass, wood, steel or aluminum are eligible, however eligibility may be restricted in certain coastal areas. A minimum $10,000 hull value is required. A professional, out of water marine survey less than three years old is required.


    Typically range from 12’ open “day sailers” to much larger vessels with full cabin facilities. Club racing is allowed. Sailboats made of fiberglass or wood are eligible, however eligibility may be restricted in certain coastal areas. Sailboats with full cabin facilities require a minimum hull value of $10,000 and a professional, out of water marine survey less than three years old.

    Canoes and Kayaks

    Classified as non-motorized and usually built from kits, Hagerty is able to insure canoes and kayaks. Minimum premium applies.

    Other Hull Materials

    Select examples of other hull materials such as steel or aluminum may also be considered.

    Program Features

    Agreed Value – If your clients suffer a covered total loss, they receive the full agreed value the boat is insured for*.

    Low Premiums – We provide your clients with coverage geared specifically to classic boats and the way they use them.

    Club Discounts – Members of most established collector boat clubs enjoy a discount.

    Unlimited Pleasure Usage – We want your clients to enjoy their boats, so we provide unlimited coverage for U.S. and Canadian Territorial Waters**.

    In-House Claims Service – You and your clients receive personal and direct service by people who know classic boats.

    Unlimited Land Transportation – Wherever your clients' boats go, Hagerty goes with them.

    Restoration Coverage – Whether your client is restoring the craft himself or using a professional facility, the Hagerty Port Risk policy can assure coverage for fire, theft, vandalism and overland transportation.

    *Any salvage value if boat is retained by your client will be subtracted from the total amount paid.

    **This is recognized as 12 miles offshore.

    Ineligible Risks

    • Jetskis
    • Boats with exposed engines
    • Houseboats
    • Pontoon boats
    • Boats with speeds exceeding 55 MPH
    • Liability only
    • Charter use
    • Commercial use
    • Boats held for sale
    • Corporate ownership

    Please Note: Hagerty differs from standard insurance in that we don't have a price for every single situation. We determine eligibility for our program after evaluating the accumulation of all the risk exposures related to our guidelines. If your client’s boat doesn’t fit these guidelines, we might still be able to assist you in finding coverage. Please call 866-922-9403.

    Owner Qualifications

    Boating Experience – Hagerty requires that the owner have a minimum of three years operating experience with a boat of comparable size and type.

    Prior Boating Losses – Not more than one prior boating loss in three years.

    Automobile Driving Record – all operators must have five or more years of driving experience and not more than two minor violations in three years; no major violations in five years.

    Partnerships – limited to a maximum of two owners. It is permissible to write coverage in the name of an LLC or DBA provided: it is a personal entity for tax purposes; the insured is the principal operator; and the boat is used only for private pleasure purposes.

    Live-Aboards – If Hagerty does accommodate a live-aboard situation, the owner must have a minimum of five years of experience living aboard another boat of similar size and type.

    Absentee Owners – for vessels kept afloat, the policy address must be within the same state or 150 miles of the boat location address.

    Administrative Requirements

    Photos - current, good quality and clear photographs are required for all boats. Photos should include all sides of the boat, the interior and the engine.

    Application – Hagerty will provide you with an application that must be completed and signed by both you and your client.

    Appraisal – only required for boats where the requested value is out of sync with current market value.

    Payments - Hagerty accepts all major credit cards or ACH payments over the phone.

    Quote your client's boat today, or contact us at 800-762-2628.