The DMV notifies registered owners by letter when it is unable to match our insurance record to an existing registered vehicle record in the DMV database.

There are generally only two reasons why the DMV is unable to locate a matching record, which would generate a letter to the named insured:
  1. The vehicle is registered but the VIN on your registration does not match your Hagerty ID Card.
  2. The vehicle is registered to someone other than the named insured on your Hagerty policy such as your spouse or business.
In each instance the case can be resolved quickly at the DMV, providing we receive the correct information from the named insured.

Please choose the state from which your insured received the DMV letter in the drop-down box below, then complete and submit the form. We’ll be in touch within one business day.

If your matter is urgent, please call 800-922-4050. Our service representatives will be happy to assist you. For your convenience, you may also fax the letter to 231-941-8227.